If you want Deadman Mode gold to become pvp game, you should look towards putting into action other mechanics coming from pvp games to fix your problemsprobably the 1 solution to stop spawn camping even as know it now is the revive fee. call it everything you like, soul disease, res sickness, dying toll, recently enhanced, tons of games utilize it. In basic, you need a way of keeping not too long ago respawned players useless for a short period. I'll provide A SINGLE POSSIBLE example of how it may work. if you want the idea however, not the way i'd personally impliment it, point out so. the more ideas the higher:

My version regarding soulsickness in darkscape:

In the event you die skulled, you respawn together with -50 levels in every skills, and 0 (no) adrenaline, work energy, prayer items and summon items. note that because constitution continues to be halved, this means the max hp will be effectively halved at the same time. you gain any buff called "recovering soul" regarding 3 minutes, during which time your entire skills will regen to be able to full, however, prayer and summon points will simply regen at 1/3 the particular rate, leaving you with 33% of one's prayer and summon points by the end of 3 moments. additionally, altars and obelisks is not going to hear your call before the end of the particular 3 minutes.