Jagex has announced a fresh initiative aimed at stopping the actions of rampant runescapepal botters. Players caught employing a bot program will probably be warned twice in addition to having their avatar altered showing their guilt. RuneScape rare metal. If they will not change, they will be banned with a new location referred to as "Botany Bay" where are going to judged by their particular fellow players.

During the botter's trial players will probably be given the chance to vote on their favourite way of disposal for the particular bot, including being stomped upon by way of a dragon and blasted in the ray of light from your RuneScape gods. Players is likewise able to present their displeasure simply by pelting the leveling bot with rotten berry whilst they watch for their votes being counted.

A pair regarding Deadman Mode 07 gold players have rooked the "Bond" system inside the game to make virtual goods to change for real planet items. The two exchanged bonds to invest in every portion of your trip to London as well as the annual Runefest party, including airfare, extra cash, hotel and a ticket for the fan festival. Given that their September 2013 debut, about 2. 3 million Bonds are already purchased; more than 80 percent of the Bonds have recently been redeemed for account, with 27. 6 million account days obtained currently. 

The introduction regarding Bonds also acquired a swift and dramatic influence on the levels of gold-farming inside the game, which plummeted simply by 81 percent inside of weeks, and also helped bring an even more stable in-game economic system for players. Within the last year, more as compared to 316. 5 billion in-game gold pieces are already sunk into Bond trades from the community.