On Feb . 28th, the Warriors away contrary to the Thunders. Warriors control shield Stephen Curry on this campaign hit 12 three-points, simply using 56 game titles to break his / her record of 2014-15 time of year in cheap NBA 2k17 Coins  historical past single season many three-point.

Curry in 2010 has hit 288 three-points, rating first in all-time NBA. In NBA historical past single season three point the next record is still produced by Curry, 286 a few points in previous season. The third is 272 produced by Curry in 2012-13 time of year, followed by Allen inside the 2005-06 season 269 a few points. In overtime, his last three-point directed the Warriors 121-118 won victory on the thunder.

We can't stop thinking that Curry is peerless and the only person in NBA historical past. Too unbelievable! Basketball history hasn't seen anyone just like him. This will be Curry. He will set a growing number of records. It's his solution to give us big surprise. Have you observed this game? Will not miss it! And please stay tuned at this site in case regarding missing any important info.

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