Bring the seashore to Lumbridge Crater and grab some unique cash incentives this weekend – including a child tortoise pet, an animated sand cape plus a tradeable crab transmogrification head wear! How to Get into the Raffle Coming from 00: 00 UTC about 25th June right up until 23: 59 UTC about 28th June, you may get mystery boxes simply by bringing buckets regarding sand to Reyna inside Lumbridge Crater, by means of daily challenges, or perhaps on Treasure Rogue. Opening mystery bins gives you to be able to win a winning prize token, which may be clicked and redeemed for almost any of five special prizes: Sand cape – detailed with cascading animation Child tortoise – any super-cute follower family pet Bucket & spade – melee gun and shield overrides Coconut head wear – head override Sandcastle loot beam Take note The sand cape will probably be changed in Monday's cheap rs 3 gold update to produce the cascading mud effect clearer.

You can notice both versions with the cape - plus the turtle pet - inside the Preview section under, or over about our Vine route. If you aren't getting a token after opening a puzzle box, you'll still get yourself a consolation prize: a stack of water balloons, any royal battleship system, a huge prismatic superstar or lamp, or even a medium cash carrier. Please note in which water balloons will be the only consolation prize offered to Ironman players. Reyna will provide you with a mystery box once you bring eight buckets regarding sand to the girl, up to 3 x a day. Along with your first one, she'll also offer you a beach party admission.

Keep hold with this – when the particular Lumbridge Crater Seashore Party starts a few weeks, you can exchange it to get a goody bag! You may get up to two boxes each day through daily difficulties, and you can easily win more about Treasure Hunter. Around the 28th June and for just two weeks after, you are able to claim a huge mystery box from Reyna for each and every regular mystery package you've opened (which includes any you open around the 28th). Each one gives you to be able to win the raffle's superstar prize – any crab transmogrification head wear. This sought-after little bit of summer headwear will be tradeable, until an image is taken although wearing it. Crab Hat Comfort and ease prizes for huge mystery boxes are exactly like for the typical ones.