Recently, your SONY Smartwatch2 presented two special format. Two Smartwatch2 respectively implemented all metal along with World Cup design, make smart watches in look and restoring historical ways brings us a whole new feeling.

The smart phone product out there at present, a lot more, in addition on the functional aspects involving development, and the principle factors that attract users to acquire in appearance. SONY introduced both the Smartwatch2 a material adopted the basic design, it reminds us in the CES from the outset of this Pebble release coming from all metal.

In supplement, as one on this year's World Glass sponsors, SONY launched using Brazilian flags because theme of minimal edition. This variation strap used towel fiber material, like almost all of the watches on market place brings us additional diverse style.

The two all-new Smartwatch2 visual appeal has been in the us SONY web internet site, users can make reservation to the two versions, the metal version in the fastest can produce goods in Drive, the World Glass edition, the delivery time is the air. And good Clove website data, two new limited edition costs three hundred dollars 132 pounds, as well as about $215.

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