Jagex has sent out a brand new cheap runescape gold trailer to show off the overhauled new player experience. RuneScape gold. Called "The Troll Warzone, the new area brings a brand new quest line into Runescape designed to introduce new players to the game and to familiarize them with RuneScape's lore.I'd rather see a ascent aback on the decorations if it meant money spent of adventure autograph and agreeable development rather than what I alarm window dressing!

For me, so far The Arc is a nice breach from fishing clear urchins to max this odd affair alleged Invention.Another affair I'm analytical about is that, aren't we the Apple Guardian. How does that play into the eastern lands. Because it seems were annihilation than just Baka Gaijin it seems like, it's appealing funny authoritative the one who is to save the apple alpha from scratch.

The RuneScape team has detailed some nice new loyalty rewards for players who remain members throughout the month of May. Players staying with the game the entire month of May will receive bonus spins for Squeal of Fortune and 5,000 loyalty points at the end of the month.

As an additional bonus, all those players who remain a member for the whole of May, will also receive 5,000 Loyalty Points to spend on numerous rewards including a vast array of new costumes, titles of nobility, exclusive emotes and perhaps most exciting of all, an arsenal of gameplay-enhancing auras. RuneScape gold. What's more, all eligible players will receive up to a quarter of a million bonus XP on the 1st June.