Something that's been a huge success in recent games for instance Advanced Warfare continues to be the MMO loot method, where Cheap FIFA 17 Coins players acquire items, gear or enhancements with regards to the time spent playing a casino game or the performance of your player in any match. Have you ever looked at whether it can work in Best Team?

My suggestion can be as follows:

Firstly, I might add the popular notion of Bronze and Silver seasons allowing more diversity and encourage visitors to use lesser participants, which also enhances the value of gold and bronze delivers (better regarding both parties). Third ,, I suggest a loot system become introduced into FUT, as an example:

The rarity with the player depends on your own match result, attract = non unusual player and rare metal = rare person. This could incentivize winning contests in FUT and in addition help people to create squads. There was the same system in FUTWC, where you'll get a 1 person pack for basically playing a match up.

What are your thinking on such a method being added to be able to UT? Would it become too niche for your FUT system? I personally believe FUT has become much too play to acquire based and there has to be something to aid people gain participants. If the person rewards were tradeable it could also help handle inflation.