Individuals at runescape 07 gold have posted the 2nd part in the dev journal regarding developing the game's brand new dwarf quest. Final time, I announced which i was just starting focus on a new dwarf mission. All I had in those days was a blank page which i needed to fill up with ideas. 

Since then I've spent a couple of days brainstorming, bouncing suggestions off other designers, and covering the wall alongside my desk along with post-it notes saying such things as "Commander Veldaban" as well as "Red Axe bottom. "I've found it harder to generate a good idea with this quest than I've for any prior one, and I authored down several suggestions before rejecting them simply because they weren't right. Lastly, it clicked and I'd a story I was pleased with.

My next step was to create this idea up inside a 'concept document', which lays away the plot from the quest in wide strokes. I demonstrated this document in order to Mod Mark, RuneScape's guide designer, for authorization. There was absolutely no point in developing the concept until he reached a choice; if he didn't enjoy it, it would be to my blank web page. It turned out he did like this, so development might continue.