If you have no way to be able to internally combat the particular bots, (for instance: ban waves, far better and upgraded firmware regarding GameGuard, credit card verification when enrolling etc. I have developed a few suggestions that will help the bots deter far from arena:

Remove the soulstone pouches from your blade and soul gold . If that is not an option, set the pouches inside, for example, the particular 7th floor regarding Mushin's Tower. When you beat Junghado, a vendor spawns and you can actually buy an RNG soulstone tote for 10-30 Knight Tokens.

Make zen espresso beans only acquirable earlier Platinum rating.Rather than the soulstone pouches on the Zen Bean supplier, give us garments, weapon skins and also adornments at each rank that will cost zen espresso beans. That way, PvPers have the ability to grind for one thing and feel recognized, and stand out there amongst other participants. 

BnS will be decently casual helpful. You can enjoy it and stage and after a lot of time you are usually max level. With very little effort and so time you can reach a significant equipment and are next to no burden in your group while to be able to play all articles (not some man tho.. which is more hardcore shit in any case). On one other hand progression from then on takes huuuge numbers of BNS Gold/time, but since a fair sum of money is made about daily basis together with dailies and making, even as everyday you wont be completely struggling to progress.