In the particular wilderness, items right away appear on soil when dropped. Since depends upon is basically the particular wildy, I advise this be applied:RS Items anywhere appear on a lawn instantly when decreased, partly because in case a one-itemer is killed by way of a guard, items are usually safe if decreased before death. That takes no skill in order to avoid losing your items in the low threat zoom.

I suggest if one will probably pk in any guarded area, they best anticipate to run for their particular life, I'd think it be fun that approach, and only the particular ballsy would care to attack another person then.It takes simply no skill to cranium and drop something before the any guard "rek**" any one-itemer, and We have no respect to the.However one can easily still quickly lender their weapon just before a guard executes justice, perhaps add any penalty from banking for your first 2 and a half minutes of the particular 5 minute cranium timer?

Another suggestion should be to have protect merchandise disabled unless the particular pker has a couple of items above 1-5k rs rare metal alch price (it may vary, but there ought to be some incentive to get a victim if they survive as well as the pker fails to escape the guards or perhaps dies from self defense purposes) and perhaps some prejudice to skulled participants, to where should they drop an item it seems to others right away, while unskulled participants can still fall their items and also save them. There are tons of runescape 2007 account which can be done.

IMO I'd feel far more alive and enjoy Darkscape far more if I actually was looking for the guards together with my weapon as well as the spoils of my own slain victim, instead of using current game aspects. Thank you in the event you read this, I'd like to know what other's think with this.