This is information from other ver BNS (Korea, China, etc). Based on what I know after B&S 2.0 or 3.0 patch, Hongmun weapons (weapons that every users received one in the beginning) transformation tree will be gone. This means all the hard work to upgrade Hongmun weapons become pointless (USELESS). As BNS update the max level to 50, entire weapon transformation system will change (based on KR BNS). There will be black/white ridge weapons (lvl 50) legendary weapon. Max weapon level is 12. After level 5, weapon will have very fancy effects (visual effects) which many people wants.

So what is wrong with this? 

1. Getting a black/white ridge weapon is very hard (a lot of time consuming even though there are 3 different ways to get these weapons).

2. * This is the main problem.  Upgrading (not transforming the weapon) is very tedious (need shit-ton of materials). It is not 100% success upgrading. If upgrade fails, weapon is no longer upgrade-able.

3. Weapons become trade-able and it will be ridiculously expensive. (at least what I saw from Korean ver BNS market, level 6 white ridge weapon was 40,000 blade & soul gold or higher). 

Without these weapons, it will be hard to play the pvp and some later dungeons because people will kick you out without these weapons (at least in Korea Ver.).

Hardcore gamers (players who buys blade and soul gold with real money) will not going to have problem playing this game because they will use there shit-ton of money to buy the BNS gold.