In a final article a gamer shows his opinion for the dailies border throughout Blade and Heart, he finds your Daily limit moot. And the developer should be to increase the restriction greatly. So any alternative players hold the idea? In this content, we also accumulate some opinions via other players.

A farmer is not a new permanent Quester, but he in many cases comes ran on the cap, because you'll find always new dailies. It could be useful to modify the cap into it. On the various other hand, he are unable to gedropte quests additional loot, if she has the cap entirely. He may have as part of your inventory, but certainly not looting - that will bothers him nearly all. And he detects it funny since looted's not acknowledged.

He is not really the only player who detects the stupid. Player was crakkiller last but not least again with most dailies ready and was for the border. Then came the truly great Harvest, he looks as being a prey with a new Quest object, but the guy can not pick up the. That's really foolish. If you contain the dungeons behind, then sprint 20 quests plus more not lacking generally there.

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